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My >12 years in Drupal..

2006, FutuVision Media, Tampere

Registered in drupal.org 4/2006, mainly puzzled by the learning curve and the general lack of documentation. Started making a multilanguage website with it and migrated content from Textpattern. Made a thesis on Drupal module development and web CMSes in general. Got hired based on that to do a side project Kuinoma in 2007. Documentation was starting to pick up in D5.

2008, Yle, Helsinki

Started in Yle in 2008, random web commando stuff, mostly Drupal related. In 2009 moved mainly to Drupal related projects as a web developer. Either worked as the main site-builder for smaller sites (like yle.fi/musiikki) or part of a team in bigger ones, such as YleX site.

Been attending in DrupalCons since 2010 Copenhagen, always such a thrill to see thousands of like-minded, excited people :o

We did a few big D7 sites such as yle.fi/blogit and yle.fi/yleisradio. Another big one was oppiminen.yle.fi, which was a handover from Mearra. Made quite a lot of work for that site after the handover, including back end. Then a complete subsite Abitreenit, which at the moment is the last whole big site I've put together on my own.

In 2013 we started using svenska.yle.fi's Drupal site as kind of a distro, and made the yle.fi part of it to become yle.fi/aihe, which is a big content platform for journalists to write articles. It houses the primary web presence for several brands such as Docventures, Akuutti, MOT, Kuningaskuluttaja, UMK, Tangomarkkinat, all three TV channel sites and Yle Elävä Arkisto.

Since our Drupal development in yle.fi has been mostly done by external professionals, I've had to take some kind of lead in projects to keep the vital information in-house. Late 2013 my role became officially more of a team manager for our external developers, than actually being a developer on code level myself. I became a product owner / team lead for the yle.fi/aihe, and drifted more and more away from the code and into the "human side" of things - passing on information inside the company and other related teams, prioritizing the development of features and trusting the coding to my team.

2015 →, Siili Solutions, Helsinki

Almost 7 years in Yle showed me what it was like to work with consultants and the role of the client, so now it's time to try what it's like to be on the other side of the table. Mainly providing project management support in Drupal related projects. Also doing Drupal development, actually even more than during last couple years of working in Yle. Being able to understand the technical side of things provides a valuable strength on being able to estimate tasks when discussing with the client.

I still feel that Drupal is the right tool for vast amount of sites. Of course, not the best tool for everything, but it sure seems to be going in right direction in providing us with a framework for middle-to-large projects.

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